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Guilherme Martinez Sampaio

iOS Developer, Computer Scientist, etc.

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Fresh Start

During 2011 I started writing posts on my old tumblr blog. I keep doing this for about half an year. I really enjoyed the experience of writing down my thoughts an leave it open on the internet so anyone could read and interact with me.

As soon as I realised that I enjoyed writing, I started thinking that I would setup a wordpress blog on a virtual machine on a cloud provider to go beyond the tumblr limited scope. I was wrong. It took too much time to learn how to use the wordpress, to setup a template and then I released that a lost 6 months to achieve nothing.

I know that tumblr is awesome, and really looking back I should kept using it, but since I’m a developer I believe I should go for something I would have more control over.

So much thing happened on my life during this period that I felt that what I was writing didn’t made sense for me anymore. So I decided to move on. Now I’m starting this new blog using github pages and the Lagom Jekyll Theme provided by Matt Swanson. So lets see how things will go this time :)